Appendix A — Templates

For a scientific report to be completely credible, it must be reproducible. The full computational environment used to derive the results, including the data and code used for statistical analysis should be available for others to reproduce. quarto is a tool that allows you integrate your code, text and figures in a single file in order to make high quality, reproducible reports. A paper published with an included quarto file and data sets can be reproduced by anyone with a computer.

A.1 Controlling the outputs

Depending on the output type, HTML, PDF, or word, you can actually control how the document looks

A.1.1 Options for HTML

Some common options for HTML include:

  • Adding tab sets
  • floating table of contents

A.1.2 Options for PDF

  • Adding page breaks
  • injecting LaTeX into your rmarkdown document

A.1.3 Options for Word

  • templates using .doct files

A.2 How do I set options specific to each output

Sometimes you might want to have specific output changes to